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Changing the cannabis market forever

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The future is here

An alternative to credit cards when paying for legal cannabis products.

A service-driven blockchain

MJCoin is a platform that will allow the industry to track its plants, batches, processes, orders and sales, from Seed to Sale. Using a proprietary token as a reward, blockchain miners will support an immutable record to assist the market with safe, fast, and private transactions.

MJCoin Highlights


Decentralization serves as a democratic safe guard against corruption, censorship, inflation and the invasion of privacy. MJCoin is managed by its network, and not any one central authority.


The tools made available by the MJCoin platform enable fast and accurate visibility of inventory, sales, processes and ownership.


One of the key requirements to creating a coin is the confirmation time. Speed is one feature where MJCoin really shines. Transfers can be confirmed within seconds.


Building on the security learned form our predecessors, MJCoin implements unique enhanced technology making this platform exceptionally secure.

Our Team

Passionate and honest people working hard for their dream


Jeremy Christianson

Lead Technical Engineer

Jeshua Watley

Lead Info. Security Engineer

Paul Marinsky

DB Architect / Developer

Chris Wingard

Technical Engineer

Kevin Wrinn

Token Distribution

MJCoin tokens will be utility tokens used as a means of payment for services on our platform. Users will be able to get MJCoin tokens directly by mining or through an exchange from other token holders.

During the Pre Private Placement we are working on our public relations and key performance indicators. We are strengthening our team and readying our platform for the rest of the crowdfunding campaign.

Total Supply: 1 000 000 000
Symbol: MJC
Decimals: 8
Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20

Pre Private Placement Round 1 & 2

Cap: $1 000 000

Private Placement

Cap: $1 000 000

Token Pre Sale

Cap: $1 000 000

Public Token Sale Round 1

Cap: $1 000 000

Public Token Sale Round 2

Cap: $1 000 000

Total Amount Raised

Cap: $5 000 000

Crowdfunding Parameters

StageToken CapUSD CapBonus Token
Pre Private Placement Round 1 & 270 Million$1 Million40%
Private Placement60 Million$1 Million20%
Token Pre Sale57.5 Million$1 Million15%
Public Token Sale Round 155 Million$1 Million10%
Public Token Sale Round 252.5 Million$1 Million5%
Total295 Million$5 Million

Minimum Collaboration

$500 USD for Wire Transfer
0.5 ETH

Maximum Collaboration

$50,000 USD
50 ETH

Token Allocation


January 2018

Pre Private Sale Round 1 begins January 5th. 40% bonus for each purchase.

February – April 2018

On March 12th, USD wire transfer and ETH payments will be accepted for the remainder of the crowdfunding campaign, which ends on April 22nd or when the allotted tokens are distributed.  The Pre Private Placement Round 2 (40% bonus) begins March 12th, followed by the Private Placement (20% bonus), Token Pre Sale (15% bonus), and Token Sale Rounds 1 (10% bonus) & 2 (5% bonus).  If all available tokens are distributed before April 22nd, then the Token Sale closes and development begins early.

April 2018

Cryptocurrency exchange and business portal development starts. Exchange operation and appearance will be finalized. A workable layout for the business portal will be established, as it will be an early interface tool for the blockchain. Planning for the mobile app begins. Other technical resources will be assembled.

Q2, 2018

Technical details for the MJCoin and blockchain will be laid-out. The cryptocurrency will be made available first for major currencies. Work will continue on the blockchain and making the business portal interface simple and secure.

Q3, 2018

MJCoin exchange will be ready early Q3. Once essential fields, values, and variables are identified, the data structure and mining operations can be tested. Mobile app for exchange and limited blockchain interface will be tested and released.

Q4, 2018

Mining packages will be tested, blockchain security will be verified, and early releases of mining software will be available. Business portal functionality and security will be tested and finalized. Results from testing will be aggregated and the platform will be finished for public usage.

Q1, 2019

Business integration toolboxes and educational media will be produced and distributed to cannabis market participants, starting with ancillary businesses.

“We’ve entered the most profound era of change for financial services companies since the 1970s brought us index mutual funds, discount brokers and ATMs.”

- Business Insider

7 July 2016
“You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust.”

- John McAfee

Founder of McAfee
“I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash.”

- Milton Friedman

Nobel Prize winner in economics
“We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error.”

- Tyler Winklevoss

Co-creator of Facebook

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